शिक्षुता प्रशिक्षण बोर्ड (उत्तरी क्षेत्र)
शिक्षा मंत्रालय, भारत सरकार
Ministry of Education, Government of India
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History of Board of Apprenticeship Training (Northern Region), Kanpur

The first meeting of the Board was convened on 19th June 1969 at I.I.T., Kanpur. The Government of India, Ministry of Education started Practical Training Stipend Scheme in the year 1949-50.

The scheme was initially implemented by the Regional offices of the Ministry of Education & Youth Services at Kanpur, Kolkata, Chennai & Mumbai for procurement of training places for the benefits of degree and diploma holders in Central Sector, State Sector and Public Sector organization.

The training facilities were initially procured by Regional office of Ministry of Education at Kanpur. Seats were procured for the scheme year 1969-70 in various training establishment. All India Council for Technical Education recommended the setting up of Regional Boards of Apprenticeship Training for the various regions.

The Govt. of India, Ministry of Education and Youth Services had approved the recommendations & agreed to setup BoAT (NR) also as an autonomous organization to interact with various associations, State Government Department, Central Govt. Department and the technical institutions. Thus the Board of Apprenticeship Training was established on 15.04.1972 with its secretariat consisting of Director of Training and other field officers to implement the programme and supervise practical training for which the Govt. of India agreed to approve suitable financial assistance for the setting up & running of the Board. .It was recommended that the Head quarter of the Board would be at Kanpur with close collaboration with Northern Regional Office of the Ministry. On the recommendation of the Chairman, Northern Regional Committee, the Ministry of Education and Youth Services, New Delhi nominated Shri Padampat Singhania, J.K. Group of Industries, Kanpur to be the Chairman of the Board.

Shri Padampat Singhania had kindly agreed to accept the Chairmanship of the Board. The functions and the constitution of the Board was discussed and approved in the first meeting of the Board held on 19.06.1969 at item No.2 of its first agenda.

The Memorandum of Association and Rules and Regulations of the Board was discussed at Item No.4 of the agenda of the first meeting of the Board with certain amendments which was approved by the Chairman of the Board. Various financial provisions made by the Ministry for establishment and function of the Board was considered.

Shri D.S. Dhingra selected by the duly constituted Committee and approved by the Govt. of India, joined as Director of Training in BoAT (NR), Kanpur w.e.f. 28.05.1970. When the Practical Training Stipend Scheme 1969-70 was undertaken by the Board 950 graduate & 1150 diploma holders had undertaken training in about 800 training establishments. By end of December 1970, the total number of training seats confirmed for placement of training under PTS Scheme in Northern Region was 2915 (1437 Graduate & 1478 Diploma holders)

Subsequently, the secretariat of the Board was made functional by appointing two Training Officers, Shri C.P. Singh & Shri P.N. Roy who joined on 08.01.1971 and 21.01.1971 respectively with other subordinate staff. Certain amendment were proposed and made in Rules and Regulations of the Board regarding operation of Bank account.

The office of the Board was initially setup at 6-7/21 Sarvodaya Nagar, Kanpur in a rented building on monthly rent of Rs.600/- per month w.e.f. 05.02.1971. As on 10.07.1971 the total number of seats procured was 3210 in various training establishments.

At that time, funds for reimbursement of stipend to training establishment were maintained by the Northern Regional office of Ministry at Kanpur. Draft bills for stipend in respect of each of trainees were prepared by the Board every quarter and send to Regional Office. The Regional Office was preparing the final bill presenting to the treasury to obtain RTR and was sending to same to various establishments as reimbursement every month.

Memorandum of Association and Rules and Regulation of the Board as approved at item No.4 of the first meeting of the Board was forwarded to the Registrar of Societies for registration of the Board as a Society under the Registration of Societies Act 1860 after recasting the same in the prescribed manner and with full information as required under the Act and after approval of the Board. With the approval of the Chairman, M/s Sudh Bans & Co. Chartered Accountant of Kanpur was appointed as Auditor for Establishment Accounts of the Board. With the approval of the Chairman, the first audit of the Board was carried out for the financial year 1970-71.

Staff Service Rules was proposed at Item No. 3.20 of its 3rd meeting of the Board held on 06.08.1971 and decided to get the same vetted by the Govt. of India.

In response to letter No.F.3-13/71-T.3 dated 06.10.1971 from Dr. L.S. Chandrakant, Educational Adviser (T), Govt. of India, Ministry of Education & Social Welfare, New Delhi the Director of the Board proposed amendment for extension of Apprentices Act 1961 to cover the training of Graduate and Diploma holders in Engineering/Technology vide Board’s letter No.BT/BM-6/14896 dated 05.11.1971 alongwith revised administrative setup in Northern Region.

The Registrar registered Board of Apprenticeship Training (Northern Region), Kanpur as a Society under the registration of Societies Act No.21 of 1860 with effect from 21.07.1972 vide certificate No.1684-1-23995 dated 22.07.1972 of Registrar of Societies, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow.

Later this office was shifted in a rented building at the address 117-l/440,Kakadeo,Kanpur in December 1980.

To Implement the Apprenticeship training scheme more effectively earlier two extension Centers were opened at Chandigarh & Jodhpur who started functioning w.e.f. 01.04.1992.The Chandigarh Centre was later shifted to Faridabad at YMCA and started functioning w.e.f. 16.02.1994 which was finally shifted to Rohtak . In 2000 due to some administrative problem both the centers were closed.

Again In 2014 two new Extensions Centers have been opened at Delhi and Jaipur with head office at Kanpur.

The Apprentices amendment Act 1973 was passed by both the houses of Parliaments after assent of the President of India on 07.06.1973. The Central Government appointed the 01.12.1974 as the date on which apprentices (amendment) Act 1973 shall come into force. The actual implementations of the various provisions of the act were to be undertaken after the rules under the act are notified.

The contributory Provident Fund Scheme was not approved by the Ministry and the introduction of General Provident Fund cum Pension-cum-Gratuity scheme for the employees of the Board was approved by the Govt. of India, Ministry of Education and S.W. New Delhi vide their letter No.F.7-9/71- T.3 dated 16.12.1974.

The Staff Service Rules of Board of Apprenticeship Training was approved by the Ministry of Educatio vide their letter No.F.7-4/74-T.e dated 15.04.1975. The Board approved the Staff Service Rules at Item No.8.14 of 8th Meeting held on 22.04.1975.

Apprenticeship Rules:

The Government of India after consulting the Central Apprenticeship Council makes Rules for carrying out the provisions of the Act. Accordingly the Apprenticeship [Second Amendment] Rules-1975 were notified vide GSR-297(E) published in Gazette of India, Extra-ordinary Part-II Section-3 Sub Section(i) dated 27th May, 1975 mainly to cover the inclusion of Graduate and Technician (Diploma- holder) Apprentices under the Act.

Retirement Benefit Rules

These rules were finalized by Ministry of Education as reported at Item No.8.15 of the Agenda of 8th Meeting of the Board.

Staff Service Rules:

As reported at Item No.8.14 of 8th Meeting of the Board held on 22nd April, 1975 ,Staff Service Rules were approved by the Ministry of Education and Social Welfare, New Delhi vide their letter No.F.7-4/74-T.3 dated 15.04.1975, which were amended from time to time.

Recruitment Rules of the Board :

The Ministry of Education & Social Welfare, New Delhi vide their letter No.F.7-9/73-T.3 dated 08th July, 1975 had approved Recruitment Rules for the staff of the Board.

Amendment of Memorandum of Association and Rules & Regulation of the Board:

As reported at Item No.12.6 of 12th Meeting of the Board held on 23.01.1979 certain amendment were approved by the Board including amendment of Rules 43 (ix), as below:

“To create administrative, technical, ministerial and other posts under the Board within the total budget approved by the Central Government and to make appointments thereto in accordance with the Rules.”

Change in designation for the post of Training Officer as Assistant Director

The proposal for change in designation of Training Officer to the post of Assistant Director in the Board was approved by the Ministry vide letter No.G.11013/1/77-T.3 dated 24.01.1981 and subsequently approved by the Board at Item No.14.25 of fourteenth meeting of the Board held on 20.08.1981.

Implementation of Special Vocationalised Education Training Scheme

As reported at Item 18.7 of 18th Meeting of the Board held on 07.06.1984, the Govt. of India desired that 100 training places be provided in Delhi under Specialised Vocationalised Training Scheme for the students passed out during the years 1979-1983 from Delhi Administration in various subject fields. These students were placed who joined training 15.05.1984. However the Board desired where the scheme should be continued for the year 1984-1985.

As per information received from Ministry of Education, New Delhi, this scheme was continued in 1984-1985 with representative of State Council of Vocational Education, Delhi alongwith DTE Delhi and representative of the BOAT (NR), Kanpur.

Amendment of Apprentices Act-1961

The Apprentices Act-1961 which covered the training of trade apprentices (I.T.I. level), was amended by the Apprentices (Amendment) Act-1973 to cover the training of Graduate and Technician Apprentices has been further amended by Apprentices (Amendment) Act-1986 (No.41 of 1986) to provide for training of products of 10+2 Vocational Education. The Apprentices (Amendment) Act 1986 was published in Gazette of India dated 09.09.1986. Later the private sector organizations was also included.

After the Amended Apprenticeship Rules 1962 to cover the training Technician (Vocational) Apprentices were notified by the Govt. of India, the BoAT (NR) started its implementation.

Notification of subject fields in Engineering and Technology as Designated Trades

In the first instance, 57 subject fields in Engineering /Technology were notified vide GSR No. 462 (E) in Gazettee of India extra-ordinary Part-II Section-3 Sub Section (i) dated 25th August, 1975, as designated trades for the purpose of the Apprentices Act.

From time to time notification has been received for inclusion of subject fields of Engineering/Technology for the purpose of Apprenticeship Training under the Act. Now which is at present 163 for Degree & Diploma and 137 for Vocational apprentices.

Now w.e.f 21.09.17, the monitoring and implementation of Apprenticeship training scheme regarding technician(vocational) Apprentices has been transferred to Ministry of skill development and Entrepreneurship.